Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

" 3 products is important to me "

 Mobile Phone ( Blackberry And Esia )
We use a cell phone to communicate with others over long distances. When I want to talk or to contact other people I usually use Esia, why? Because the person I used to call every day alike use esia become more efficient. And to send messages, bbm, social media, voice recorder, image recording, music player / song, internet, and a variety of uses blackberry. Without both these mobile phones I feel empty so both are very important to me.

Laptop ( Axioo )
The laptop is very important, why? Want to know? Because for me a laptop that I friend at home, if there is no Hemmm he did not know what I am so at home. Laptop at home it's usually used for editing images rather than doing their jobs.

Modem ( Speedy-Prolink )
The latter items are important to my modem, why? Advanced photo editing is the sharing of the social media without a modem I can not share images anywhere. I usually share the photos in an electronic album is a Tumblr. 
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