Saturday, March 24, 2012


The first time I received the lesson of time English sat in the Kindergarten bench (TK), that too still studying vocabulary that according to me is now so easy saja but in ancient still the Kindergarten (TK) was difficult really was memorised. After TK continued the Primary School (the PRIMARY SCHOOL), the Junior Secondary School (the JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL) and the Senior Secondary School (the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL) private enterprise that really gave priority to his English with the "English Class" program where the individual make accustomed spoke English with who and anywhere (still the environment sekoah). Just honest now I am still not considered to be the champion in studying English was still messy serious like food gado-gado, only could say YES or NO then. Already 12th the school continue to be able to not speak English well and truly in fact until took part in studying IEC also loh continue to did not have Hehe :)

And now I move to the University, still stayed same still could not understand really English, could so same  very few not yet full 100% could. Possibly I from however many that did not understand correctly English, of many reasons indeed because lazy at studying deepened vocabulary him or could also because of being difficult to be understood but if having the will have to be guaranteed by us could :) :) :)

That a piece of my experience of receiving the English lesson, rather embarrassed but indeed so the existence of the REALITY!!!