Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tugas II Bahas Inggris Bisnis 2


Gen Y, Gen X, and Baby Boomers. Of course, each generation has a mindset that is different, hope that is not the same, as well as different cultures that shape them. How to manage these differences, ie differences of opinion and lead to a different way of resolving the problem? Gen Y generally choose paid with cash. While the older generation prefer to be rewarded for such nonmaterial additional leave or the opportunity to follow training."Of all the generations, Baby Boomers are the most tolerant generation. They generally have a positive outlook that intergenerational collaboration can benefit many parties.The study also found that although Gen Y often use the short message, all the actual generation still prefer to communicate face to face meetings.


This generation is different in cultural life, which seems very clear is the way of technology in every generation, thus allowing this generation in the review are based on the life of each generation equipment.
• Baby Boomers
This group of people, when traveling as studying the book.

• Generation X
Philosophy of life "Work To Live" is not a Life To Work.
• Generation Y
This generation is called the Millennium and the interenet. His life is all-digital, to take your Ipod everywhere. Ears always gagged her name means "headset."

I work to connect from day to day lives. If we do not work mean you can not eat a day. Can be hard to imagine living an age now. Also the pursuit of wealth by workingto get more money. Indeed the work we will get the money. With any work we will beable to develop themselves and use all the skills we have.